Chiswick Coffee Break ep 7 with Sangeeta Weatherley

Welcome to the Chiswick Coffee Break ep 7 . My guest is Sangeeta Weatherley.

Sangeeta Weatherley is a self-taught artist from India. She has a Masters in Information Systems and pursued a career in the software industry for several years. Her love for nature lead to the discovery of art.

Sangeeta is now a full-time visual artist. She believes art is a form of meditation and it has helped her connect with herself and with others and is passionate about filling every home with Art That Connects.

Sangeeta finds every corner of London inspiring. She loves the autumn and spring colours. Coming from Hyderabad, India, where it is summer all year round, she finds the variety very exciting! She undertakes commissions and runs Art Social workshops around Chiswick and throughout Hounslow and further.

Sangeeta’s purpose now is to make art more accessible. Not just making paintings that are affordable to buy but help you make art. To use it as a tool to connect with yourself, to destress, to relax and have fun!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this episode of my Chiswick Coffee Break Series. If you want to discuss any social media questions you may have, do get in touch