About Jeannie Shapiro

I’m a sales & marketing consultant with a keen interest in Social Media (okay I love it) and I offer expertise and experience combined with flexibility. I’m a networker extraordinaire with a great address book of contacts! 

I get results having developed an extensive grasp of sales, marketing, project management, business development and social media marketing. Clients come from many sectors including travel, tourism, accommodation, property, law and lifestyle including food, gardening, furniture and homewares.

I’ve also stepped into a second career in property. This includes building a portfolio of HMOs, JVs and SSAS loans to property investors.

I’m very pleased to be the founder and lead networker of the Chiswick Lunch Break, a networking group made up of almost 600 West London businesses who meet on the 3rd Wednesday of the month. The Chiswick Lunch Break has been designed to bring together local business people to build relationships, make new friends and share expertise in a relaxed, informal environment (currently online). No long speeches, no hard sells – just putting your lunch break to good use! More information can be found at www.chiswicklunchbreak.co.uk 

And, if you’re looking for business out of or into the UK, as an American Brit I am perfectly placed to help you achieve that. Being ‘mid-Atlantic’, I am at home on both sides.

You can also read more about my professional experience on LinkedIn here