Chiswick Coffee Break episode 2 with Torin Douglas

Delighted to bring you episode 2 of the Chiswick Coffee Break.  I’m Jeannie Shapiro from Think Jeannie and the Chiswick Coffee Break is my series of snapshot conversations with local business owners, event organisers and colleagues and friends who either live and/or work in and around Chiswick. These short business and local life chats are perfect for a tea or coffee break (or whatever drink and time you fancy). 

In this second episode I speak to Torin Douglas one of Chiswick’s best known local personalities and someone passionate about Chiswick. Torin is Director of the Chiswick Book Festival. He is also in charge of publicity and marketing for the Bedford Park Festival which is coming to Chiswick from June 12th through June 27th. 

So go grab a coffee and enjoy! Feedback always welcomed!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this first episode of my Chiswick Coffee Break Series. If you want to discuss any social media questions you may have, do get in touch