2020 business goals

It has only gone New Years and I’m reading about resolutions for 2020 everywhere. Some are regularly on the list such as ‘I will spend less time on my mobile’ or ‘I will get fit’. Others are tougher including a complete change in a business strategy or learning how to say ‘no’. I have definitely been guilty of making pledges at this time of the year. A new year gives the feeling of a new beginning.

It really isn’t that straight-forward and no doubt we’ll find the majority of promises we make are broken or just never happen in the first place. We have lots of time to reflect over the holidays about our year and what we would like to change. The reality is we have great intentions but it’s based on short-term thinking and in the case of the big goals you need time, research and plans to make them happen.

It is possible to make changes and decisions quickly about your future and stick to them. A clear head can allow a lightning bolt to strike. When it comes to business, though, I believe you can make changes at any time with the right amount of planning. Why wait for the New Year!

I started to make a shift in my business strategy in the last quarter of 2019 starting with getting a new website. I wanted to rationalise my services and focus new business on Social Media Strategies and Channel Management, Event and Workshop Development and SME Consultation opportunities. Getting my new website built (by the excellent Theo Ruby) last year, enables me start 2020 ready to find new clients. It also gave me time to iron out any bugs and think about the next stage of my marketing.

I also decided in the Autumn of 2019 that I wanted to buy another property to add to my property portfolio. I took a number of trips to different parts of the UK to look around at opportunities with the decision to have another property bought in the first quarter of 2020. I have a good idea of what I want to buy and where although a few more trips are on the cards but I hope to be on schedule.

Developing your business strategies and changes should be an on-going process. I’m not suggesting quick and constant changes but when you find an issue or even an opportunity you should consider it then and there. The World doesn’t start over on the 1st of January but the holidays are a chance to recharge your batteries and come out fresh and fighting in the New Year which is a pretty good thing!