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Relaunching my website. If you didn’t really know what I do you will now!

It is with great pleasure I bring you my relaunched website. It has been on the agenda now for a long while but other things had taken priority. Not any longer!  I see it so often especially for those in marketing. When you’re busy, it is hard to justify taking the time to do your own promotion.  I guess you could ask that if you’re busy, then why do you need to do it? That is a very short-sighted approach. And you can’t really say to your clients and potential clients ‘do as I say, not as I do’, can

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No one listens – including me!

We are consumed by our mobiles, iPads, social media and all things digital. That in itself is not really news. What I have just realised is how much we don’t actually listen to what others are saying because we are so engrossed in our own digital worlds. How has this suddenly dawned on me? It was because of a story my mother was telling a friend of mine. She was recanting how if it wasn’t for my aunt intervening she may never have given my father a second chance at the tender age of 16. I thought I knew most things

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