Calling all Chiswick Businesses – FREE Social Media Surgery

Social Media Surgery Chiswick

When was the last time anyone gave you something of value for free? Well, I’m about to do just that! In conjunction with Workspace Barley Mow, on the morning of  Wednesday the March 18 from 10.00-11.30 I’m delighted to have organised a Social Media and Marketing Surgery . If you want help to improve your […]

Resolutions aren’t just for New Years

It has only gone New Years and I’m reading about resolutions for 2020 everywhere. Some are regularly on the list such as ‘I will spend less time on my mobile’ or ‘I will get fit’. Others are tougher including a complete change in a business strategy or learning how to say ‘no’. I have definitely […]

No one listens – including me!

We are consumed by our mobiles, iPads, social media and all things digital. That in itself is not really news. What I have just realised is how much we don’t actually listen to what others are saying because we are so engrossed in our own digital worlds. How has this suddenly dawned on me? It […]